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  1. NorthWest Auto Salon Does Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing and Window Tint on S6

    Audis are our bread and butter here at NorthWest Auto Salon. I cant remember a day that has gone by without at least one Audi coming though our doors. From R8s to A4s, we get them all. Our friend Josh was in the market for a new family hauler and was quickly able to find something right up his...
  2. 2010 A Year in review at NorthWest Auto Salon - Seattle's Premier Auto Detailing

    From Citroen 2CV's to Ford Cosworth RS200's and Ferrari 458's its been a great year here at NWAS Check out our blog to read more and see pictures from 2010! :clap: Really looking forward to our new facility and great content in this year to come!
  3. When using parking garages, be careful! The results could be permanent!

    Read more on our blog here: Calcium & Alkaline Waterspot Removal from Auto Paint and Glass - NWAS Seattle Auto Detailing Its also very important that you take care of these issues immediately, as any contact with rain or water can reconstitute/reactivate the pH levels to enable more paint/trim...