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  1. Photography
    458 Italia by downhillskater2001, on Flickr I could not help it with this 458 , it was a picture moment when i saw it .:whistle:
  2. Aviation
    After posting the 747 LAX landing that you guys all seemed to enjoy, here is another well made video showcasing a Lufthansa A380 landing in SFO from different camera angles with the captain getting a salute for his retirement at the end. Be sure to watch in HD & enjoy it before it's gone!
  3. West
    I've recently purchased a Canon Rebel T3i and I decided to test it out at the 2012 SF Auto Show. Here are some of the shots I took ! *I focused mainly on supercars, and aftermarket cars btw. To see the rest, click on the link below. 2012 San Francisco International Auto Show - a set on...
  4. Events
    Hey everyone, the company I started is chartering a private yacht and hosting a party amidst the America's Cup World Series racing with Blue Angels air show overhead Sunday, October 7. This is a truly unique opportunity to experience boating among the America's Cup contenders. Docking at Pier...
  5. West
    Decided to try out this new company called "Cherry" that comes to wherever your car is (besides underground parking and closed areas?) and washes your car inside and out for a full hour. Got a free discount for signing up so I tried it today. In my opinion, the guy who cleaned my car, Juan, did...
  6. American Auto
    To view more Our American Cars' Photos on Razzi: Photo Sharing Or go through the Brand Albums Our American Cars' Photos on Razzi: Photo Sharing
  7. Travel
    I'm coming to SF for a week. During the day I'll be at Essentials of Emergency Medicine but I want to play at night. Any recommendations for food, drinks, bars & clubs?? I'll be with wifey and 3 other couples so the rippers are out.
  8. Travel
    Hey Guys, Since I figure a lot of the L4P community are from around the SF area, I though I'd hit you up for some restaurant/bar/club ideas. I'm in town for an emergency medicine conference so my days are booked. But I'm going to the 49ers game on Sunday. Cheers Pete
1-8 of 12 Results