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  1. Asian Auto
    We just got the opportunity to wrap penske tunings official flagship car. This particular car is pretty familiar in the custom tuning scene and has had many faces already. You may remember it when it was matte black, matte white, sharpied, spray painted or... Well the new look is here. We can't...
  2. BMW
    Hello L4P Fam! Here's another project that I did for a customer this week. He had brought me a image of a BMW with Livery Graphics and wanted me to re-do it. So we went to work to create him something to his liking and here is the end result. Thanks for looking as always :D Please PM me if you...
  3. Automotive
    Whats Up L4P Fam! Heres another Wall Wrap done by Sam's Signs Customs for SF Sports Cars in collaboration with The second wall was designed by TJ and he also took all the photos in the wall wrap. The shop looks so different from when both walls weren't wrapped. Also included are some...
  4. Land Rover
    Hey there L4P Fam. Here is a wrap we're doing for a L4P member and gR2kx participant. We're wrapping his Range Rover Sport in Satin Black with Carbon Fiber accents and custom badging. Keep posted for updates on the wrap for the next three days. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Please...
  5. Automotive
    Hello l4p Peops! Heres some Ideas I got for the stripes I want to put on the Noble to match the Gold Face/Red Lip wheels I have now. The stripes will be Metallic Gold with a Black outline. Need some help on determining which looks best. In the end I'll go with what I feel to be the best for...
  6. American Auto
    Satin Wrap is being done by member TwistedNobleM400 aka Shareef CEO of Sams Signs Inc - Providing Advertisement Solutions and proud sponsor of gR2kX where after it will be sent out for full air and new wheels sneek peek: - - - Photoshop rendering:
1-6 of 6 Results