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  1. Benefit Car Show - 9-24-11

    A friend asked me to post up a car show. Its open to all makes and models even though it says classic and hot rod and it benefits Curtain Call Performing Arts and Special Spaces. Its this Saturday in San Leandro, CA (Nor Cal). If anyone can make it out and support I'm sure they'd appreciate it...
  2. SPACES LIMITED - Custom gR3 Vehicle Wraps by SSC

    gR3 is Almost here, and like last year, SS Customs will be there in full effect. We will be sponsoring the rally again this year supplying and installing all the Sponsor Graphics. A big thing last year was themed graphics as was the year before. SSC will be offering its services to a limited...
  3. Carbon Fiber Interior - 2009 Accord - SS Customs

    Asian Auto
    Whats up yall! Here's a Accord we just finished a full Interior and roof rail Carbon Fiber wrap install on. The customer was stoked with the end result and it looked amazing! Enjoy the pics. For more info or to inquire, please PM me or visit for more info. As always, L4P...
  4. WRAPPED - Penske Tuning's Lexus by SS Customs

    Asian Auto
    We just got the opportunity to wrap penske tunings official flagship car. This particular car is pretty familiar in the custom tuning scene and has had many faces already. You may remember it when it was matte black, matte white, sharpied, spray painted or... Well the new look is here. We can't...
  5. '11 BMW M3 Livery Graphics - SS Customs

    Hello L4P Fam! Here's another project that I did for a customer this week. He had brought me a image of a BMW with Livery Graphics and wanted me to re-do it. So we went to work to create him something to his liking and here is the end result. Thanks for looking as always :D Please PM me if you...
  6. WALL WRAP - SF Sports Cars / SS Customs /

    Whats Up L4P Fam! Heres another Wall Wrap done by Sam's Signs Customs for SF Sports Cars in collaboration with The second wall was designed by TJ and he also took all the photos in the wall wrap. The shop looks so different from when both walls weren't wrapped. Also included are some...
  7. 350z Carbon Fiber Grill Wrap and Marker Tints - SS Customs

    Asian Auto
    Heres yet another Carbon Fiber Wrap on a Nissan 350Z Front Bumper Grill. Customer had a lot of Rock Chips and such on the pieces so we had to wet sand it down first and then we wrapped it in Gloss Carbon Fiber. We then finished her up by doing the custom side marker tints to tie everything...
  8. '10 MATTE E-350 - Sam's Signs Customs

    Here's another project that we're about to start next week for a L4P member. This will be a custom one off color that we will manufacture for the customer. He will be the ONLY one to have this color and it will have a matte finish in the end. We'll be doing some extra enhancements with this...