1. Report: Audi A6 Avant and RS6 Avant to Arrive in US by 2020

    The next-generation  Audi  A6 Avant, along with the high-performance RS6 Avant, may be sold in the United States. According to CarBuzz, Audi will bring both the A6 Avant and the RS6 Avant to North America before 2020. It’s not clear why Audi has finally decided to offer the wagon variant of...
  2. Find of the Day: Buy Prince Harry’s Audi RS6 Avant

    Prince Harry may have driven away from his wedding in an electric E-Type, but he still has some old fashioned cars. This RS6 Avant, for sale on AutoTrader once belonged to the Duke of Sussex. Only a year old, though, the prince seems to have not much cared for the big wagon, since it only has...
  3. Audi RS6 C7 on 21" AMP-5V in a 2 Piece configuration finished in matte black

    Here is a stunning Audi RS6 C7 on a set of 21" 2-Piece AMP-5V finished in Matte Black with silver exposed hardware. uploading pictures image ru picture upload uploading images img photo uploading
  4. AIMEDIA / Automotive photographer

    One of the last photo session: AUDI RS6 Biturbo 4.2L If you want to order photo session, just send me message!
  5. Audi RS6 GoPro Action! Pure Engine Notes!

    European Auto
  6. Audi RS6 | Concavo CW-S5 | Gunmetal | Prestige Auto Couture | Netherlands |

    HEY L4P, Audi RS6 on Concavo CW-S5 Gunmetal by Prestige Auto Couture Netherlands
  7. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or Audi RS6?

    European Auto
    So Mercedes presented its new 577 horsepower sedan/wagon ahead of Detroit. What car would you go with? On my end, I'm torn as the RS6 is definitely in my top 5 but the new spiri **Keep in mind the RS6 has not been confirmed yet, but should make it in the US with the RS7. 4 Videos --- 2014...
  8. Just bought RS6 - looking for wheel pics (HRE P43)

    Hey guys - I am new to the site. Not sure if there are any C5 RS6 owners on here. I just got a Daytona Gray RS6 for a great price I couldnt pass up. So far I love it! Very understated and rare car, with gobs of power. Soon to be more.. For now its bone stock. Anyhow, I wanted to see if...