1. VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Italia Specialé Novitec Rosso revving!

    In Los Angeles, California I stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Italia Specialé Novitec Rosso at the Cars and Coffee Event. It amused the crowd by revving it's furious V8 engine producing a lovely exhaust note! Enjoy! :wink:
  2. My amazing Novitec Rosso customer service experience

    I wanted to share this story with you all as a fellow enthusiast and will be writing more and I hope you all do not mind. Too many times we share the bad customer service we got and not the good ones and I want to share a good one instead of the bad one (btw management at L4P is INCREDIBLE)...
  3. 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Novitec Rosso.

    So L4P people... who want to ride this sexy beast