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  1. Watches
    This is my first semi-serious watch. I'm a Ducati rider, otherwise my tastes are much more classical than this watch. I thought I would compliment it with one of Rob's straps since the original was a cheesy tire-tread rubber one. The watch feels huge to me, as I'm used to wearing Seikos and...
  2. Watches
    Jay Leno is now the proud owner of this custom hand crafted Strapsmith watch strap. It was created by Mr. Rob "Montana", The Strapsmith from a 1917 Vintage WW1 Swedish Ammo Pouch. Gorgeous work as always Rob, Keep it up. I wanted to thank Greg Grudt for taking the first two pics. All the pics...
  3. Watches
    Well it took me a day and a half and two cameras but here are some pics of the new strap for my B&R from Rob. The buckle is a first, to match the distressed look of the strap he burnished it with a torch to give it that old beaten and weathered look. On a side note I told Rob that the smell...
1-3 of 3 Results