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  1. Jewelry
    I've been wanting a skull ring for a while. I tried to have it locally made in silver (custom handmade jewelry is quite inexpensive here) but no one seemed to want to make one, they just wanted to sell me crappy pre-made stainless rings. This was my inspiration: Here is the closest...
  2. Jewelry
    Hi guys first time poster here. Ok so next year I'm going to be graduating from university (2 of them actually ;) ). Because of that I really want a unique ring that will represent my work between both these places. I already have a freaking awesome goldsmith that can make anything I ask of...
  3. Jewelry
    Looking for just a rundown of what to look for I guess. So I had bought a nice pair of pearl earrings for my girlfriend last year as part of a gift. She loved them. They weren't too pricey but I did get them from Tiffany's so I figure you probably pay more for the name then anything. I'd rather...
1-3 of 3 Results