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  1. Ferrari
    In Los Angeles, California I stumbled upon this Ferrari 458 Italia Specialé Novitec Rosso at the Cars and Coffee Event. It amused the crowd by revving it's furious V8 engine producing a lovely exhaust note! Enjoy! :wink:
  2. Ferrari
    Thought I'd share a quick video of a sweet yellow F430 Spider sitting on color matched Asanti wheels having a bit of fun in downtown Dallas.
  3. Lamborghini
    My friend David's old Lamborghini Murcielago revving at 142dB with a completely custom straight pipe exhaust. Removal of all 4 cats, no muffler, just an X-pipe, an LP640 tip, and was converted to RWD. The entire exhaust was ceramic coated black. As of a couple weeks ago, David just bought a...
  4. Lamborghini
    I got some footage of this black Lambo Diablo SV with bold yellow "SV" insignia. No matter how many new Lambos come out, I still love the Diablo. I especially like this one as it's rocking the massive lettering :clap: What do you think of it?
  5. European Auto
    I love the sound and styling of this Hamann BMW M3! The deep idle and the rev sound from the Gintani Racing exhaust are musical and I like the wheel selection and the carbon fiber! What do you guys think of the car? What would you change about it?
  6. American Auto
    Seeing this cracked me up. This kid can barely see over the dash, but he's revving the heck out of this GT2 Series Corvette:) Gotta love the stuff you see at Cars and Coffee!
  7. Supercars
    What are your favorite engine sounds of all time from these categories? 4 cylinder 6 cylinder 8 cylinder 10 cylinder 12 cylinder 16 cylinder mine are... Honda S2000 Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0 Ferrari 355 Lamborghini Gallardo Pagani Zonda Cinque Bugatti Veyron SS
  8. Supercars
    I celebration of reaching over 1 Million YouTube views, I put together a compilation of some of my favorite supercar sounds from the videos on my channel. Thanks your your support and comments and please enjoy!... What's your favorite car in the video? Thanks! (A list of cars is below the...
  9. Asian Auto
    Got some video footage of a Stage 3 JoTech Nissan GTR. I love the sound as it launches into the night and the lime green accents are a nice touch. JoTech makes some sweet GTR's. :D PS: I'm NOT the voice in the video that sounds like Aston Kutcher from Dude Where's My Car :D
  10. Lamborghini
    I don't know about you guys, but I think I'm going to miss the Murcielago now that the Aventador is replacing it. This yellow Murci was out the other day and it sounds mean!
  11. Automotive
    Came out to Chicago to check out options on a new stablemate and found this Ferrari 458 Italia. The design is growing on me--I must admit, I was initially skeptical but after seeing a silver beast on the road, I started getting curious. At any rate, this ride is truly impressive and the...
1-18 of 19 Results