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  1. Lamborghini
    Hello everyone Salut from India.. this is a Sesto Elemento replica... based on a LP 560.. took about 3 months for the full conversion.. looks pretty realistic.. these are the only pics i have so far.. will update more as i get more pictures. Cheers!!
  2. Photography
    Hope you'll like!.. Ford GT40 Replica by Carl Kjellberg, on Flickr carl kjellberg - photography & design. fotograf och designer - Linköping och Mjölby
  3. Automotive
    My good friend Casey Putsch has put his one of a kind Batmobile up for sale on eBay. He wanted me to let everyone here on the 4 know about it. Having seen the car first hand I can tell you it is an incredible car. Truly unique. Someone on here needs to pick this up for gR4. We need an L4P...
  4. Ferrari
    Have you guys seen the latest episode of Top Gear America? This show is super hilarious. A Ferrari, a Rolls Royce and a Jaguar for $5k each?:clap: Top Gear — Top Gear 2: Luxury Car Challenge — Videos
1-4 of 4 Results