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  1. Supercars
    A group of us got together to produce this video. We obviously were not racing haha but it was a blast regardless. First teaser of a series of videos we are launching over the next year. Enjoy. Best, John Temerian Lou La Vie Exotic Car Rental Miami
  2. Automotive
    As many of you know DJ Irie of the Miami Heat is one of Lou La Vie s partners. He is not only a great friend, celebrity DJ, INSANELY connected but an inspiration. Seven years ago he started Irie Weekend, a series of charity events including a Celebrity Golf Tournament, parties and much more...
  3. Automotive
    i don't know if this thread goes here but here i go! I'm going to las vegas in two weeks to my timeshare, I was thinking of renting a exotic car, (porsche or Lotus) Anything i should know before i rent a car there? Do you have any suggestions or pleaces to rent a car. My friends have told me...
  4. BMW
    The Worldwide Group is looking for up to 15 2006-2010 BMW 750's for rent. The vehicles are needed by Saturday evening (03.06.10) or Sunday morning (03.07.10). We will return vehicles by Monday late afternoon (03.08.10). No color preference, both 750i and 750Li work just fine. Vehicle needs to be...
  5. Southeast
    Does anyone have any information on how/where to rent a private airport strip to play around with cars? Maybe even a very large parking lot. How do drift events get permission to use large parking lots? Any list of locations available anywhere? Any help would be appreciated and if successful...
1-5 of 5 Results