rennen wheels

  1. Rennen CSL 1, CSL 2 & CSL 5 back in stock!!

    Wheels & Tires
    After selling out in record time we are happy to announce that we now have fully restocked the Rennen CSL 1, CSL 2 & CSL 5. Just like the first time; these wheels will not last. We are taking pre-order deposits for you to reserve your own set. Rennen CSL 1 (Above) Rennen CSL 2 in...
  2. Rennen CRL-55 20” Dual Block Summer Special

    Wheels & Tires
    Rennen CRL-55 20” Dual Block Summer Special Between 8”-12” wide available These wheels are a great alternative to 3pc wheels. These 2pc dual block wheels are better priced than traditional 3pc wheels, while still upholding the same weight, appearance and quality. For more information regarding...
  3. Rennen International Dominates New York International Auto Show

    Wheels & Tires
    Our Main booth housed a raging Lamborghini Huracan built by IMS Automotive Design that was blowing auto show goer’s minds once making their way completely around it. On the driver’s side are brushed red Rennen Forged R10 wheels, while on the passenger side the Rennen R10’s are brushed gold...
  4. 2017 Rennen International Open House & Car Meet (Ontario, CA)

    We are kicking off 2017 with a two-day Open House/Car Meet at our West Coast location in Ontario, California on February 25th & 26th. Come take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility and to get an exclusive looks at our new wheel collections. We will be raffling off a free set of...
  5. Rennen Unleashes the Hot New CSL 5 Wheel

    Wheels & Tires
    The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association tradeshow in glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada is not exactly what you’d call “reserved” or “subtle” in terms of presentation, given all the sexy booth babes flirtatiously posing in their micro-mini shorts, incredibly tight tube dresses and heels, to...
  6. Rennen CRL 55 now offering 21in CRL55

    Wheels & Tires
    Since the former 20-inch wheels were so immensely popular with customers, we made the decision to manufacture the wheels in even larger sizes. Currently, we offer the CRL-55 concave wheel in both 21-inch and 22-inch sizes. Similarly to other CRL line wheels, the CRL-55 wheel features similar...
  7. Porsche Panamera on Rennen Blue Label RS-7 Mesh wheels

    Wheels & Tires
    The Porsche Panamera is big, fast, comfortable and capable of driving great distances in great bounds, leaving you relaxed and refreshed at the end of the day at the wheel. Press a few buttons and you can you can choose various suspension settings, even on the most sporting it rides really well...
  8. Rennen Forged Wheels on BMW i8

    Wheels & Tires
    When you’re one of the most respected, technologically-driven luxury vehicle makers in the world, staying ahead of the competition is a no-brainer prerequisite. But for Germany’s BMW, this dedication to pursuing engineering and design perfection has become something of a rite of passage – case...