1. Do These Patent Images Show the New Lamborghini Centenario Hypercar?

    Lamborghini’s latest hypercar, the Centenario LP770-4, is a well-kept secret. We’ve scrounged up all the information we can on the $2.5 million machine , but what it’ll look like remains a mystery. Enthusiasts are hopeful that a design patent Lamborghini filed in October that’s recently...
  2. My Photoshop Renderings of modified 2014 MB S65 AMG & 2014 BMW F10 M5 LCI

    I simply enjoy doing this for fun, been doing it for over 7 years on and off, never got too crazy with it, but I can certainly do the basics. I originally photoshopped these vehicles for a banner my company did a collaboration with. After the banner was finished, I decided to make individual...
  3. And ACTION

    Been trying to make time for what has become a long-term, personal project that's part graphic novel, part animated epic... and it's been a series of tests, looking for the style(s). Here's a few of the pieces that led to bigger and better things. Some rain and lighting tests: ...epic...
  4. Newer Work

    Here's a few of my latest pieces... finishing a series that tells the tale of a night around a fictional city... ...and one, slightly off-topic piece. After all, there were no zombies in the original story idea.
  5. Twelve Months of Art

    Just finished a little while back, and received our first copies of the AutoWeek/Rad Rides/Studio PCK calendars that drop this week at SEMA. I was honored to doodle a dozen cars, based on those chosen by the readers of AutoWeek, and I designed some street machine versions with my pals at Rad...
  6. New Stuff

    Some recent doodles and whatnot: Mustang I rendered for the TV show Search and Restore (reveal was this past weekend on Spike TV's Powerblock): ...posters for a local truck/pre-show party: skate deck: ...and a truck headed for Vegas, frst week of November: