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  1. Automotive
    Hello folks My name's Zaib and I'm 24 from Toronto. Currently drive an 04 TL Auto, but may switch to something else in the end of summer, probably an S4 but you never know. Anyways been following L4P for a while but decided to register after this render I just finished of the new Range Rover...
  2. European Auto
    Ugur Sahin Design has just released a new concept model the Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept. The design firm is best known for their Soleil Anadi model which made its mark at Top Marques Monaco show earlier this year. The firm was able to conjure up enough funding to turn the Corvette Z03-based...
  3. Arts
    Another rendering hits the real world... The C2ZR1 got the grand unveiling this weekend in Carlisle. Here's the artwork for said project: The carbon fiber roof: ...emblems: Photos soon. Thanks for looking in!
  4. Arts
    It's been what seems like forever since I've posted here... Thought I'd share some new stuff: A one-off, just for kicks van (based on a tube chassis/mid-engine idea): ...cartoon-y piece: Design rendering ready to be shipped out: ...and one half of a two-part painting/screen print...
  5. Arts
    I was cleaning up some files in preparation to start laying out some tee's for Knick, and came across a file that I hadn't posted here. Break out your red and cyan 3D glasses. (red left eye, cyan right, if you have 'em)... I've been playing with anaglyphs for some time and working with the...
  6. Arts
    I was fortunate to get involved with a slick race car project a little while back, and work with a really talented group of guys, getting the ball rolling on a six second '69 Camaro. It's going to be a blast, packing 2,200 HP, and the project's aim is to run in the 6's in the 1/4 mile. This is...
  7. Arts
    Thought I'd share a concept I played around with some months back... A GT-Armada. I have a buddy who is a powertrain engineer at Nissan North America, and we started throwing ideas around about a year ago, and a lunchtime meeting led to some sketches, then to this:
  8. Arts
    Thought I'd post a few more pieces of my work: T-shirt: Mild custom Pontiac: Traditional '32 Chevy w/a road racing bent: Local friend's Kaiser project:
1-8 of 8 Results