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  1. Ferrari
    Today at Silverstone circuit, Ferrari broke the Guinness World Record for the 'Most Ferrari Cars in a Parade' by hitting a bonkers 964 cars together on the F1 track at the same time. It was quite something to watch!
  2. European Auto
    James Glickenhaus took his custom Ferrari F430 GT2 ALMS-based P4/5 Competizione around the 13-mile track for a lap time record-for-a-Ferrari in 6 minutes 51 seconds. Glickenhaus' P4/5 Competizione bested the 599XX's previous record time for a Ferrari set back in April, 2010 of 6:58:16. full...
  3. American Auto
    Redline Motorsports has created the fastest Camaro ZL1 ever, hitting 134.79mph and running a 10.32-second quarter-mile. The Camaro ZL1 features a High Capacity Cold Air Intake System, Motorsports proprietary camshaft, upper and lower pulleys, headers, improved heat exchanger, performance torque...
1-3 of 3 Results