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  1. Automotive
    Porsche has announced it will be putting the Cayman GT4 Rallye Concept it debuted last year into production, allowing teams to buy the mid-engine rally racer and enter it in sanctioned rally events. The German automaker built one example of the Cayman GT4-based rally concept last year and said...
  2. Automotive
    Hey all. Now this is the full start of the 2016 Cool Car Race. To enter the race you have to pay £2500 ( all goes to charity ).
  3. L4P Racing
    I wasn't sure if this fits the 4x4 or Racing section. Since purchasing my '15 WRX, my curiosity for rally has been growing. I did some light searching on YouTube and stumbled upon two great rally shows. The first show is by Subaru and is called Launch Control. The second show is on FYRacing's...
  4. Supercars
    Hi guys. This is the start of the famous Gumball rally. Hope you are gonna enjoy it.
  5. Supercars
    This is a charity start in Denmark hope you all like it.
  6. Southeast
    Hello Everyone! Here's a video recap of a few events hosted by the Exotic Owners' Club here in Southwest Florida during this last season. Enjoy!
  7. Southeast
    Hi All, About once a month a great group of people and beautiful cars gather together for a highway cruise and dinner. Our next one is September 14th and you are all more than welcome to join us. We usually have a couple photographers and a collection of GoPros that come along with us. I'll be...
  8. Southeast
    Here's a video from an event we did last week with Strasse Forged Wheels. We had an awesome cruise over with some of our members. Enjoy :) VIDEO
  9. Southeast
    Hi All! We have a group caravaning together form the West coast to rally together to the Homestead Speedway Mega Meet. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE You are all welcome to join! David
  10. gR Rally
    With GRV recently over, goldRush and L4P are once again fresh in the spotlight among the automotive community. As many of you already know, I have long been a big supporter and fan of goldRush Rally and L4P. It's a brand and lifestyle that I personally believe in, and I jumped at the chance to...
  11. Southeast
    Hey everyone, The E.O.C. put on a great jet hangar event back in April. Here is the link to the video. The list of upcoming events is on the website at Video Link
  12. Southeast
    Here is a new exotic owners club for anyone in the mid to south Florida region. Check out the April 28th event. Exotic Owners Club - A Luxury Based Automotive Community
  13. gR Rally
    Hi Guys! GR5 is coming up real fast and I wanted to be part of this amazing rally. I am a professional photographer based in London, I have been published in the Official World Wide Ferrari Magazine and other publications. My work is based in the luxury sector with my work mainly in the...
  14. West
    L4P Run V2.0 | EuroCar OC->The Ritz Laguna Niguel EuroCar OC-> The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel Make sure you can come out for this one. Meet at EuroCar OC at 10am on November 24th, hang out for an hour or so, grab some complimentary refreshments and snacks and we'll get on the road. If...
  15. Events
    Found out about this cool Rally happening on Sept8th that will benefit Ronald McDonald House. I Think I am going to sign up. Thought you all might be interested.
  16. West
    Hey all just wanted to share this little video I put together from the Targa Trophy Experience - Italian Car Festival OC event. It was an awesome day with a great place to start the rally! Thank you to L4P for their support as always. Enjoy!
  17. West
    This is for everyone that wants to go to the HRE Open House at the HRE HQ in Vista (San Diego area) on July 14th that wants to have a little fun before this awesome event. This event is one of the biggest car gatherings in SoCal of the year, and this is a way to get down there without taking...
1-17 of 48 Results