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  1. BMW
    Talk about murder... Tastefully black in my opinion. It just flows and to see this car in person is awesome. KW V3s RPI Exhaust RPI Intake Blacked out everything ACS front add ons ACS rear spoiler 21" Radenergie R7s Let me know what you think :D
  2. BMW
    Gunther: Radenergie Headers Radenergie R-GT DTM Exhaust RDSport Pulleys RPI Scoops RPI Block Off Plates RPI Oil Cooler BMC Filters ESS Tune on 21's vs. RPI Stage 1.75: RPI Headers RPI GT Exhaust RPI Pulleys RPI Scoops RPI Block off Plates RPI Oil Cooler BMC Air Filters NO TUNE on M3 18's...
  3. BMW
    What's been done? Why Version 3.1? Finally got my Vanity plate "MR EV<3NS" Custom Carbon rocker extensions (like the ones found on Z06, Lotus etc) Vented Rear Bumper (wanted it to function but with the positioning its mainly an aesthetic thing how funny that I happened to have an orange blazer...
  4. BMW
    What's been done? 2010 OEM LCI Conversion Custom Carbon hood designed by yours truly Custom M5 Bumper designed by yours truly Custom half cage w/Crow Harnesses in Lamborghini Arancia Atlas Micra Mirrors in Arancia Atlas Micra Brembo's in Arancia Atlas Micra with classic Brembo Dropped about .5"...
  5. BMW
    Hello all, My name is John, I live in LA but from South OC originally. I've heard about L4P for a while and decided to join the community that I've only heard great things about. I drive a 2006 E60 M5, dubbed GUNTHER. Mods include: Radenergie Lip, GT Lip, Roof Spoiler, Deck Spoiler Radenergie...
1-5 of 5 Results