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  1. Arts
    Just finished a little while back, and received our first copies of the AutoWeek/Rad Rides/Studio PCK calendars that drop this week at SEMA. I was honored to doodle a dozen cars, based on those chosen by the readers of AutoWeek, and I designed some street machine versions with my pals at Rad...
  2. Mid West
    L4Per's Come out for our first annual car show! Catered food will be available for purchase from Phelps BBQ. We welcome and are expecting muscle, sports, tuner, and exotic cars of all makes and models. Our goal for this event is to bring fellow car enthusiasts together to swap stories and...
  3. Corvette/Viper
    This is the current big $$$$ project at rad rides. They have to finish this by the middle of feb for the world of wheels in Wisconsin. I spent some time at the shop talking to Troy about this car and he so elegantly put it this way. "With the nova, you know you're screwed. That thing just...
1-3 of 6 Results