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  1. Asian Auto
    Having customers from all around the globe submit us pictures of the cars that we helped them build is a genuine treat. Thanks to the power of the internet we can give back and show you all the results as well no matter where you call home. Enjoy this Nissan GT-R on custom forged 3-piece ADV005...
  2. Automotive
    Earlier this year, we were approached by a brilliant team of individuals involved in the world’s first fully wrapped, fully ICE'd Liberty Walk GTR. Owner, JJ Dubec, teamed up with WrapWorkz Van, Serial Nine and Armytrix to deliver a LibertyWalk with a massive presence. It's wild styling and...
  3. Asian Auto
    Usain Bolt got a GT-R, painted it gold, and put a douche plate on the front, meh... At least it goes towards a good cause 2012 Nissan GT-R Usain - Pictures, Wallpapers
  4. Wheels & Tires
    Howdy all, finally grown tired of my factory looking GTR so I'm trying to get a decent price on a set of LM-ACQ's in the factory size for my GTR. The price on GTRR seems pretty steep to me: GT-RR I'm located in Miami, Florida in case someone knows somewhere local I could reach out to.
  5. Asian Auto
    [URL="[/URL] feast your eyes on this pristine 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition Switzer Ultimate Street Car Package This is a turnkey ready 1000 horsepower monster that is a pure sleeper. *1000HP ON 93 OCTANE PUMP FUEL* - SWITZER FUEL INJECTOR KIT - SWITZER MONSTER INTERCOOLER KIT - SWITZER...
  6. Asian Auto
    Saw a blue Nissan GTR the other day. I typically see these in red, white, silver, or black. Never seen a blue one (ever) so I figured I'd share it... Also, I hear there's a new blue coming out for 2012 for the GTR. Anyone have more insight on that? ***Note: I edited the video title and video...
  7. Wheels & Tires
    Guys we just took these wheels in on consignment. Barely used! Specs: R35 GTR Fitment ADV5.2 Deep Concave 21x10.5 21x12.5 Matte Black Center Gloss Black Lip Gloss Black Inner Pirelli PZero 295/25/21 375/20/21 OEM TPMS all ready to go. This pkg brand new list for over $12000 as it sits...
  8. Asian Auto
    I love the pure excitement that surrounds the launch of the JoTech GTR at C&C! It was a pretty sweet moment as everyone cheered him on. It's good to see a true winner get props. :)
1-10 of 10 Results