r101 lw

  1. It's The M4 GTS' Turn To Sport HRE's R101 Lightweights - A Wheels Boutique Build

    The roll cage, the door strap pulls, the aggressive rear spoiler – when you look at the BMW M4 GTS you know it was made for the purpose of being thrashed on the track. In the pursuit of faster track times, the heavy (and polarizing style) of the OEM wheels wasn’t going to cut it. To fix that...
  2. First Ever 6-Lug R101 Lightweight – Made by HRE for A Wheels Boutique Viper

    Boasting a massive 8.4 liter V10 and sporting one of the most intimidating looks on the market, there’s not much that needs to be done to the Viper GTS Coupe. With that being said, there’s always room for minor changes. So in the spirit of customization, we had HRE engineer the first ever 6-lug...
  3. Candy Apple Red HRE R101 Lightweights + 335 Pirelli Corsa's = 991 Turbo S by Team WB

    When a repeat customer of ours walked back into WB HQ asking for something flashy yet performance driven for his 991 Turbo we knew exactly what to do. Ever since the creation of the R101 Lightweights late last year, these HRE’s have been the go-to custom forged choice for those exotic car owners...
  4. The Ultimate In Lightweight Wheels - HRE R101 LW on 991 GT3 by TeamWB

    Style, Durability, and Weight - the three pillars that arguably make up the perfect wheel. If you agree, then the HRE R101 LW is the pinnacle. Forging the R101 LW from Aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum wasn’t enough. HRE took things to the next level by engineering the LW’s to minimize...