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  1. Automotive
    Can anyone guess what these colors make? Lets see who played with paint the most in school!
  2. MBZ
    Here is an almost brand new Mercedes GL550 that came in today for some repairs to the rear bumper and door. Another WELL KNOWN Auto Body Paint/Body Shop in Los Angeles repaired one spot of the front bumper for this customer. Here are some images of that repair which was absolutely horrendous...
  3. MBZ
    Here is a 1957 Mercedes SL300 Roadster we completely repainted! BEFORE AFTER
  4. Vintage & Classics
    Here is a 1957 Mercedes SL300 Roadster we completely repainted! BEFORE AFTER
  5. Vintage & Classics
    Here is a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso we had in for some small repairs. By now you know many rare exotics are trusted to be repaired at our facilities! This car was sold for over 2 million shortly after!
  6. MBZ
    Many of you have seen this vehicle on the internet before, we didnt post it before as we thought we would get some bad comments. Weve decided to release the build process to showcase our detail and quality work. There will be tons of mixed reviews but we were given the difficult build with...
  7. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    Here are some pictures of a 1959 Bentley Saloon we just got on our lot. Obviously the car has lots of work ahead of it! 5630 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90019 323.933.5630 | | [email protected]
  8. Automotive
    We repainted this H1 a matte black color, attached bulletproof door's and a few other things. This H1 was driven by Denzel Washington in the movie Dejavu. We repainted and fixed a bunch of things on this special H1 before and after the movie production process. It was also featured in the 50...
  9. Land Rover
    I know many of you have been wondering about Cooper tires on your Rover's. Fitment worries are definitely stopping quite a few people from doing this tire swap. Anyone that see's these tires in person instantly falls in love with its aggressive appearance. Above all, it also performs great...
  10. Land Rover
    We have begun customizing a fellow L4P members functional yet beautiful 10+ Range Rover SC. The customer choice to ship us his Range Rover knowing he could trust us with the work he wants done. 5630 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019 [email protected] | 323.933.5630 | On the...
  11. Land Rover
    We have a few 2010+ Range Rover full size, complete Overfinch kits in stock that we can paint and install for you here at RDB. We can also customize anything you like for your needs. As far as the kits appearance, IMHO I believe they are the nicest looking for the Range Rover. Putting on out of...
  12. American Auto
    We just got in a 1969 Ford Mustang that we will be repainting in our special matte metallic grey paint with matte red stripes! This should be a one of a kind Mustang that will terrorize the streets of LA! 5630 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019 [email protected] | 323.933.5630 |
  13. Land Rover
    Here is a Land Rover Defender 90 we are working on for SEMA 2011, truly a beauty! We are not a Land Rover L4P Gold sub forum sponsor for no reason, we specialize in Land Rover / Range Rover's of all kinds! 5630 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019 [email protected] | 323.933.5630 |
  14. BMW
    Here is one of the most popular BMW's in the world which is also known as TaZaM3! This beast sleeps at RDB LA, so come check it out anytime!! What you're looking at is one of the first turbo E46 M3's in the world. Built completely custom it makes 940+whp on the street which is roughly 1200HP...
  15. Automotive
    Just for fun, do you guys think this car is totalled?? :wink: We would love to make this car look brand new again but now its up to the insurance company to decide!
  16. Aston Martin
    Wanted to show you guys an Aston Martin DB9 that we had some fender damage that we repaired. We specialize in auto body repair, collision repairs and painting. We can repair anything from scratches, to holes, to dents, to big collision work! :D R Dream Body Shop 5630 West Pico Blvd, Los...
  17. Land Rover
    We would like to show you guys some pictures of a Range Rover we think is done right! :wink: Let us know what you think! RDB LA can customize your Range Rover in anyway, we have plenty of experience with RR's as you can see by one of the sickest big body RR's below. We don't do tacky jobs! Also...
1-17 of 17 Results