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  1. Aviation
    The Cobalt Valkyrie-X will make you believe in Santa. Resembling a rose gold raindrop, this private plane looks like the product of elf magic, not human engineering. And yet, it is the brainchild of fellow human David Loury, aerospace engineer and founder of Cobalt. With Christmas fast...
  2. Aviation
    If you can’t afford your own private jet, join the club. To make you feel even worse about your net worth, we’re giving you a sneak peak into the Embraer Lineage 1000E. At $53 million, this private jet is equipped with the industry’s finest amenities, including the largest private-jet...
  3. Aviation
    Yasava Solutions has revealed an interior-design concept for the popular new Gulfstream G650 large-cabin, ultralong-range corporate jet. The Swiss design firm made waves earlier this year with their ergonomic Aïana Wave airplane seat, and continue to innovate with this comfortable and stylish...
  4. Aviation
    International agency Technicon Design’s private jet concept is as close to the freedom of flying as you can get. The sleek design replaces windows with screens that displays the external environment inside the cabin. “The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and...
  5. Aviation
    Here is our official Access Custom Jets x Platinum Motorsports x Remy Martin Louis XIII x VOSS Water launch event in Los Angeles from August 27th, 2011. This is our premier launch event party with many more to come next year. Thanks to SKEE TV for the coverage!
  6. Aviation
    Hey, im looking for a private jet. not too big and not too small but big enough to carry a couple of cars.
1-6 of 6 Results