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  1. Automotive
    Youtube Channel  AutoTopNL  just posted this video of a driver in a tuned Lamborghini  Huracan with aftermarket exhausts go full-throttle madness on Germany's Autobahn. Watch how fast he passes these other cars... Insane!
  2. Automotive
    Youtuber WorldSupercars just uploaded this video of him ripping through the streets of Monaco in a killer Ferrari 458 Speciale with straight-piped exhaust and R3 wheels . Shot entirely in POV, it really does put you in the driver's seat of this incredible supercar. Turn up the speakers and...
  3. Ferrari
    A couple weeks ago I spent the day with the owner of this '05 F430 shooting video of it for the Winding Road YouTube channel. This is what happened: You will definitely want your headphones for these because of the binaural audio, trust me - it's worth it! Modifications include Fabspeed...
  4. European Auto
    A few weeks ago I spent a glorious day shooting and videoing the new Jaguar XKR-S Convertible. Only 25 will be brought to the states this year, 100 in all. Lots of driving action in this video after the 3 minute mark. Sound was recorded with 3D mics, so I'd recommend headphones if you have them...
  5. American Auto
    Last week I had the new Grand Cherokee SRT8 for a couple days to video for WR. Really impressed with this package, SRT outdid themselves. Handling, acceleration (especially off the line), and braking are brutal...just as you'd hope they would be! Enjoy the video, hopefully it gives an accurate...
1-5 of 5 Results