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  1. Lamborghini Says the Urus Will Own the Nurburgring

    Lamborghini says the soon-to-arrive Urus will be the fastest production SUV to ever lap the venerable German circuit.  The fastest SUV to ever lap the 12.9-mile Nordschleife was the last-generation Porsche Cayenne Turbo S which hustled its way around the Eiffel circuit in 7:59.74. But...
  2. Hey Look, a Porsche Cayenne Doing Something!

    Last week the Porsche Cayenne S Diesel set an obscure new Guinness World Record for the heaviest airplane towed by a production vehicle. With video to prove it, the Cayenne dragged one of Air France's 314-ton Airbus A380s 42 meters across the tarmac at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris...
  3. Porsche Cayenne Adds Luxury Platinum Edition to Its Lineup

    The  Porsche  Cayenne Platinum Edition will join the SUV’s lineup later this year. The Platinum Edition will head to two  Cayenne models : the standard Cayenne and the Cayenne S E-Hybrid. Both variants receive large 20-inch RS Spyder design wheels housed in wider wheel arches along with a...
  4. Is This Tuned Infiniti QX70's Massive Body Kit Just Too Aggressive?

    Sporty SUVs are certainly an acquired taste. The Porsche Cayenne is the perfect example, as it’s at the top of the field; though its aggressive gigantic body-kit leaves a true ‘hate it or love it’ feel. This tuned Infinity QX70 shares those qualities with the Cayenne. In its original state...
  5. Porsche Cayenne Wide Body kit by Prior Design - Presented by Exclusive Autosport

    Hello Porsche Fans, Exclusive Autosport is proud to present - Prior Design's PD600 Wide Body Aerodynamic-Kit for PORSCHE CAYENNE 958. It's not very often that you see a Wide Body SUV, much less a Porsche Cayenne 958! Get the extra attention you deserve with this one of a kind kit from Prior...
  6. VIDEO: MODIFIED Porsche Cayenne's in Monaco! TechArt and DARTZ! (1080p HD)

    Check out 3 modified Porsche Cayenne's that we spotted in Monaco last year! Two of the Porsche Cayenne's are tuned by TechArt, the other one by DARTZ! Which of the three do you think is the best?
  7. HRE's for my 05 Cayenne S

    Just put on some 20" HRE's onto my daily. Ordered up larger tires to fill in the gaps and am contemplating painting all the silver trim to black, as well as the lowers. What you guys think? Rainy day, and the car is friggin dirty! (taken on my blackberry) mods: Cargraphic Bypass Pipes BMC...