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  1. Porsche
    ENGINE 3800 Cc 3.8 Liters Horizontal 6 102.0 Mm Bore, 77.5 Mm Stroke, 9.8 Compression Ratio, Double Overhead Cam, Variable Valve Timing/Camchaft, And 4 Valves Per Cylinder ENGINE PERFORMANCE Power: 390Kw, 530Hp Sae @ 6250 Rpm; 516 Ft Lb, 700Nm @ 2100 Rpm Fuel Economy Epa Highway...
  2. Porsche
    I like this Carrera as I think the red brake calipers and black body with the black wheels and silver lip look awesome. The presence of the car would raise McDonald's Zagat rating from a 1.5 on the 30 point scale (my estimate) to at least a 3 ;-)
1-2 of 2 Results