1. Automotive
    Last week we saw this world-famous celebrity DJ sign up to by one of Bugatti's Chirons, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Heartbreak Ranch up for sale and controversial chef, Gordon Ramsay visiting the Fiorano test track at Ferrar i. We even saw the kick off of Luxury4Play's new weekly...
  2. Real Estate
    Will we ever see the fabled ‘zombie apocalypse’ one of these days? Who knows. But if it were to happen, one thing’s for sure: this zombie-proof fortress in Poland will be one of the first places I’d run to. Located on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland, this modern dwelling was built to...
  3. Supercars
    Arrinera Automotive from Warshaw in poland wants to build a news supercar. The Arrinera has a V8 motor with up to 640 HP, many carbon, ceramic brakes and will presented in june :clap: [email protected]