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  1. Marketplace: Watches/Watch Related
    SOLD! Up for sale is my Stowa Flieger “Made in Germany” Special Edition with ETA 2801 hand-winding movement. This is one of 80 special edition, no logo/no date, type-A fliegers offered by Stowa in June 2011. If you’re in the market for a Stowa flieger but would rather not wait until...
  2. Aviation
    I know this is a nearly pointless attempt at finding a flight instructor, but are there any out there in the Mid Ohio Valley? I'm wanting to finish my Private Pilot training this summer, but I don't have an instructor anymore. If you are one or know one, please let me know.
  3. Aviation
    Ever since I could sound out the word "Airplane," my fascination with these flying machines only grew with age. I would always tell people as a child that'd I'd be a Pilot one day. Today after much hard work, studying, training and fun flying, my dreams came true and I'm forever grateful to...
  4. Aviation
    I had seen similar memes for different professions on the web and thought Pilots could use one of their own. Enjoy!
  5. Watches
    FOR SALE IWC Pilot Saint Exupery UTC - Limited Edition, Ref: IW326102 WG, BROWN DIAL AMAZING PIECE !!! MSRP $19200 L4P 33% OFF 12850!! Email me [email protected]
  6. West
    Anyone have a plane and looking for a pilot? Or looking to get a plane and need a pilot for it? I'm in Southern California. Hit me Up...... P.S. I am also certified to teach in some planes.
  7. South/Southwest
    How's it going everyone. I joined this site to try and network myself. I'm young and enthusiastic and looking to grab all the work I can. I'm in California, 21 years old, a pilot, and an aspiring entrepreneur. I'm looking for someone to take me under their wing. Throw some shit at me and...
1-7 of 7 Results