1. Quick RS7 Render With HRE Vintage 501 l mahmoodDesign

    Did a quick rendering of an RS7 with the vintage series HRE's. Decided to go for a "bagged" route. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers.
  2. C7 Corvette Render l mahmoodDesign

    Hey guys just finished this C7 Corvette. American muscle with influences of Japanese flare. Lowered the ride height, increased overall stance with Work Meister S1 2P Rims. Also added my own take on bolt on fenders with some other body modifications to get an aggressive design. Ill stop talk now...
  3. My Photoshop Renderings of modified 2014 MB S65 AMG & 2014 BMW F10 M5 LCI

    I simply enjoy doing this for fun, been doing it for over 7 years on and off, never got too crazy with it, but I can certainly do the basics. I originally photoshopped these vehicles for a banner my company did a collaboration with. After the banner was finished, I decided to make individual...
  4. SPECTRUM: mixed media portraits

    I finally completed a mixed-media series I've been working on for the past 10 months. Not the standard fare from me (read: no cars) but I had a blast working on it and developed some cool new color techniques along the way :-) SPECTRUM - NEW ORLEANS' NEXT GENERATION A series of 36 "illustrated...
  5. :::Photoshoping Cars:::

    Hey, i wanted to show you all my Photoshopped car pictures, hope you like it! 1st car photoshop i made: Mazda 3 Scoda Octavia Chevrolet Cruze Tell me what you think about them ;)