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  1. Photography
    Hey everyone, I'm Anthony Massie. I'm a photographer based in Northern California and just wanted to share my some of work with you. Enjoy!
  2. Photography
    Hey L4P, It's been a really long time since I've shared anything with you all! I've been very busy, and even getting into a new industry for myself, aviation. I've always wished to start shooting jets, and I'm glad to finally be doing it. I'd love to get even more involved in the aviation...
  3. Photography
    Hey guys! I am not the most avid poster here, however I have had the pleasure of meeting several of you on different occasions! I am posting here to track my upcoming trip and see if any of you are along the way! It all starts December 30th! I will be visiting Dubai, Bologna, Modena, London...
  4. Automotive
    Im located in Santa Barbara, but am willing to travel. Am looking for people that are interested in getting high quality images of their extremely high quality automobiles! Feel free to check out my website, and contact me. ill add a few sample images! Thanks, Travis Ensminger (360)...
  5. Southeast
    This is car #2 for Team Galag which I also got to photograph while they were building it down here in Florida. Yes, the Tumbler... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Enjoy!
  6. gR Rally
    Hi Guys! GR5 is coming up real fast and I wanted to be part of this amazing rally. I am a professional photographer based in London, I have been published in the Official World Wide Ferrari Magazine and other publications. My work is based in the luxury sector with my work mainly in the...
  7. Photography
    Hey Friends, I am Nitin Rose an Automotive photographer based in India, currently working as Chief photographer at BBC TopGear India. I will be sharing some of my work here, let me know what do you think. Cheers! image hosting sites
  8. Lamborghini
    Ok so A few nights ago i was asked to go and photograph the Lamborghini Uk christmas party in central London The main attraction of which was a a pair of identical white Lamborghini Aventadors i got the chance to arrange how to park them up with not many options available to me with it being on...
  9. Asian Auto
    Hi guys, I am a professional automotive photographer and I have a full option 2011 PORSCHE Cayenne S which is quite a big car to drive around busy city so I decided to get a small car for driving around and finding photo locations then I bought this little Mazda 3 and I really happy with my...
  10. Photography
    Photographer in the Southern California area trying to break in a bit more and LEARN <---- keyword I know a lot of guys here are always shooting and busy with work. Well being new i expect no pay, i just want to learn and will help out with whatever you guys need and get some time on the shoot...
  11. Northwest
    Aviation Photos: Be sure to check out My Facebook Fan Page for more photos!
  12. Photography
    It's been a long time since I have thrown down on L4P, and I never made a thread for my work the first time around, so here it is :-) I'm going to start off with a bit of my portfolio and take it from there. If you've got questions about any of them I'd be happy to answer. US1 by Richard...
  13. Photography
    Andrey Razoomovsky got “MILK” see more on
  14. Photography
    Hey, Im Polina, 19, PHOTOGRAPHER. clubhead. crazy russian chick. =) i have over 2 years of experience in photography, 5 years in graphic design, digital retouching, airbrush art and Photoshop graphics. I am based in Palatine/NW suburbs/Chicagoland area. I do everything from weddings, clubs...
  15. Photography
    I was wondering if there was any good car photographers in Oklahoma, specifically Tulsa or close? Just got a SLR Mercedes and wanted to take some shots of it.
1-15 of 15 Results