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  1. Photography
    I currently am in the works of a new company that involves both photographers and their clientele, and I need some questions answered (or just opinions). First off is there a big demand for photos of exotic and luxury automobiles? Secondly, is there a market for pictures of boats specifaclly...
  2. Automotive
    Im located in Santa Barbara, but am willing to travel. Am looking for people that are interested in getting high quality images of their extremely high quality automobiles! Feel free to check out my website, and contact me. ill add a few sample images! Thanks, Travis Ensminger (360)...
  3. Supercars
    Hey everyone, As some of you may know, last month marked the launch of my most recent venture, The Supercar Kids magazine, based out of London, UK. Despite being based in London, we feature articles, photoshoots and event coverage from around the world - It's my job to cover Canada. The...
  4. Photography
    I'm new to this forum but only by membership. I've been perusing the threads for months now admiring peoples work and vehicles. One of the coolest things I thought was seeing a photographers thread starting at the beginning and going to the most recent photos and seeing how they had progressed...
  5. Photography
    Here you can see some picures from the BARCELONA AUTO SHOW 2011. I wish you like it! :) if you like it please be a FAN on my facebook fanpage : (click Here)
  6. Asian Auto
    Looking for a Red or a Hot Burgundy colored 09 thru 11 IS 350 for a Lexus Commercial... If you have it and would like to get paid for the vehicle being used in a national commercial please contact me ASAP.
  7. Photography
    I finally completed a mixed-media series I've been working on for the past 10 months. Not the standard fare from me (read: no cars) but I had a blast working on it and developed some cool new color techniques along the way :-) SPECTRUM - NEW ORLEANS' NEXT GENERATION A series of 36 "illustrated...
  8. Construction
    Great photos & blueprints of an over the top luxury kitchen we just finished in Toronto. find photos of the work from start to finish. Photos - Interior Design & Home Renovations Meetup (North York, ON) - What do you think??
1-8 of 9 Results