photo shoot

  1. Photographer Needed

    Hey Guys, We need a photographer for a one time job. Location of shoot: Laredo, Texas What: Photographing a car with BD Wheels on it When: Flexible with dates Go to our flickr page to check out the style we like at Please send us an email if...
  2. Estranged Photography _ FREE photoshoot! Looking for car owners

    Hi, I'm an italian Photographer. I'm looking for car owners interested about a FREE photo shoot. I'm based in Milan, Italy, but I can travel (especially to switzerland). I offer a personalized and professional photo shoot. If if you want to check my last works you can find them here...
  3. RIDE! Ferrari Enzo in Dubai!

    So last week I had a shoot for a dealership which included an Enzo, here in Dubai. So to get to the location and back, we used an Enzo.. Enjoy!
  4. Mein Mercedes C63 AMG (Fun Photo Shoot)

    After a long week I finally made time to give the car a little TLC and got together with some friends afterwards for a fun shoot. Here are the results, enjoy! 1. Lights & Angle Test 2. The Controls 3. AMG 4. Das Exhaust 5. Eyelid 6. Design 7. C63 8. Rear Pax 9. Faccia 10...

    Looking for a hot rod, for a video shoot. Chevy Box Trucks, Grand Torino, GTO, with headers and nice looking... Shoot would be in LA on 11/1 and 11/2. this is not a free shoot, you will be fully compensated. please send me an email with pictures. [email protected]
  6. Cars for Photoshoot

    Cars are needed for a photoshoot in SoCal, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and/or Dallas. Please help! You can contact me by PM, email ([email protected]) or phone (480.253.8159)
  7. Gallardo Photo Shoot

    Famous Autosports meets up for a photo shoot to showcase L4P member's Gallardo Spyder with newly installed vertical doors, Hamann Body Kit & several carbon parts, as well as the GoldRush Rally Gallardo. We started out overlooking the San Fernando Valley and then finished up with some shots at...