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  1. BMW
    2014 BMW 435i is getting an Armytrix Performance Decatted downpipe installed, No Check Engine light! OEM vs Armytrix downpipe Decatted down pipe w/ cat-simulator provides the best air flow over OEM for performance and exhaust sounds upgrades Tuned by PP-Performance Dubai Official website...
  2. Audi
    To enhance Audi TT/TTS by adding the Armytrix stainless steel exhaust system to increase power, reduce weight, and improve sound. This precision-made performance system delivers more power, especially in the low and mid rev range, the effect on the sound is significant, adding a deep resonant...
  3. BMW
    CAD Designed & CNC Executed T304 Stainless Steel Double Skinned Casing Laser Cut Mounting Flanges Laser Cut Mounting Brackets Tig Welded Assembly Mirror Polished Finish Precision Engineered For Accurate Fit Improved Low Level Tone Amplified Mid-Range Note Increased High Pitch Acoustics Sharper...
  4. Porsche
    More info: Exhaust installed by Redline Auto Thailand It sounds absolutely fabulous!
  5. European Auto
    Special Features: *Race version plus Street version in one price. *Wireless valve control system in 3 modes *In auto mode, we offer better launch-start at low rpm with losing back pressure and performance increase at mid-high range rpm *No drone *The best all-around Golf Exhaust in the market...
  6. Ferrari
    Video Created By Potresse, official dealer of Armytrix exhaust system in central America EXOTIC CAR SERVICE HOUSTON THE WOODLANDS TEXAS Potresse website: Armytrix website:
1-11 of 11 Results