1. Dubai 500 Car Parade - Veyrons, F12s, Aventadors, Aston Martins and the list goes on..

    This week Dubai is hosting a Motor Festival and one of the events was yesterday's Grand Parade. The parade gathered more than 500 vehicles including 3 Bugattis, a massive group of Ferraris, Lambos, McLarens and many others. Check out the video
  2. Ferrari World Record - 964 Car Parade at Silverstone

    Today at Silverstone circuit, Ferrari broke the Guinness World Record for the 'Most Ferrari Cars in a Parade' by hitting a bonkers 964 cars together on the F1 track at the same time. It was quite something to watch!
  3. 200-Plus Ferraris in France

    The 2012 Sport and Collection event took place last weekend and Sunday marked the Ferrari-only parade. Almost every Ferrari model ever built was represented and the event served to raise money for cancer research. VIDEO AT 200-Plus Ferraris Gather on the Track for Charity in France
  4. Ferrari F1 Parade in Dubai!

    Last weekend I filmed the start of the Ferrari Owners Club of UAE F1 Parade to Abu Dhabi for the GP. Hope you all like the video!