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  1. Arts
    Well I am a new member guys and have to say I am loving this site so far, great info, great cars and there are some creative people in this section for definite. Anyway I sold a large amount of landscapes paintings and artwork in my school years so thought I would just throw up some old pics I...
  2. Arts and Entertainment
    So I was talking to Che a few months back and he was telling me about this painting that he was doing and sent me some pics of his work, so I said "Man you totally gotta do me a piece" A deal was struck and a few months later here is what I received! Moved a rare piece off my...
  3. Real Estate
    I decided to paint my home office, I've never painted a room before so I was a bit nervous as to what I need to get/do. Here's the room before: I wanted to do an accent wall, my inspiration was the Fog Creek Software office (Fog Creek | Officeal), so here were the two colors I decided...
1-3 of 3 Results