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  1. Detailing
    I had recently purchased my 2015 Cayman GTS and one of the first thing that came to mind was how am I going to protect my baby. lol I knew I wanted to go with some kind of paint protection, but I've seen kits that only partially cover the vehicle. These are know as the pre-cut kits as I was...
  2. West
    This Ferrari 599 GTO is going with a Full Front Clear Bra. The Full Front Clear Bra Paint Protection Film will protect the front bumper, the hood, front fenders, headlights, and mirrors from rocks, sand, road debris and bug acids. Ferrari only produced 599 of this model and is Ferrari's Fastest...
  3. Detailing
    I have a client looking to get a Clear Bra quote in the New York, New York area. Any references would be appreciated.
  4. West
    ZR1 3m Clear Bra Paint Proctection Pictures. The entire ZR1 will be covered with 3m Clear Bra Film, the front bumper, head lights, full hood, front venders, mirrrors, roof, doors, rocker panels, rear fenders, and rear bumper. Before: The painted surface of the ZR1 is thoroughly cleaned prior...
  5. Detailing
    Kinda like the garage thread, I would love to post pictures of detailing shops you admire, whether it be lighting, in-floor scissor lifts, indoor wash bays etc. Lets post some pictures of shops we admire or we have seen. I will start with some pictures of the WAC Detailing Facility in Thailand...
  6. Northwest
    Just in time for the holidays: $100 OFF Paint Protection Film Installs until November 30th! Is your car ready for winter? Protect your vehicle from diminished value by protecting your car from rock chips, other road debris and even parking lot scuffs by installing a great looking install...
1-6 of 6 Results