1. German Muscle Meets HRE Performance Wheels by Team WB

    Quickly becoming one of HRE’s best-selling wheel models - the Monoblock P201 does an incredible job of balancing the tight rope between modern design and classic styling. The same can also be said of this Mercedes S63 Coupe on which they’re installed. With its wheels finished in HRE’s Satin...
  2. No Electric Puns Here - Tesla Model X on HRE P201's by Wheels Boutique

    American Auto
    Ever since its inception the Tesla Model X has been one of the most polarizing vehicles ever manufactured. With its combination of quirky looks and neck breaking acceleration you never run out of things to talk (and debate) about. We’re not here to convince anyone to like the car, we’re here to...
  3. What’s white, yellow and red allover? Oso’s X5M, that’s what // A TeamWB Production

    This latest iteration of the car loving pooch’s SUV has got to be one of our very favorites. The 21” P201’s frame those massive Type 3 Brembo rotors beautifully, and the gloss white powder coat makes those yellow 6 piston calipers come alive! This combo may not be for everyone, but there’s no...
  4. Don't Sleep on the McLaren 570S - Another HRE + Wheels Boutique Collaboration

    When an automotive brand like McLaren announces a new addition to their lineup the entire Wheels Boutique team goes on high alert. We know it’s likely we’ll get our hands on one and we cannot slack on creating an amazing look with so many eyes on us. With the help of HRE’s spectacular P201’s in...
  5. World Premiere - Modified 2017 Acura NSX - by Wheels Boutique

    Asian Auto
    Enthusiasts have been begging and waiting (somewhat) patiently for over a decade in hopes that Honda Motor Company would finally revive the legendary NSX and after a long hiatus without a halo sports car, Acura has finally answered all our prayers. From what we’ve found there are a lot of...
  6. First Set of HRE P201's in the Wild || Huracan X RSC Tuning X WB

    The brand new P2 Series stunned attendees at his year’s HRE Open House and we are proud to bring you the first set of P201’s out in the wild! We linked up with our friends over at RSC Tuning to build this clean and sophisticated example of a Huracan, so feast your eyes on the beauty and let us...
  7. First Look at the ALL-NEW HRE Monoblocks – P2 Series presented by Wheels Boutique

    Asian Auto
    As HRE Performance Wheels largest dealer in the world, Wheels Boutique is proud to announce the brand new HRE P2 Series. Shown to the public for the first time this weekend at HRE Open House 2016, these forged monoblock wheels did not fail to stun everyone. Borrowing from the success of the...