1. HRE P200's Aren't Just For Supercars - Mercedes Benz GLE43 AMG Coupe by TeamWB

    With their new flagship P2 Monoblock series, HRE focused their eye to the exotic market – designing wheels for cars like the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 488. But once these wheel models began making their way onto those supercars it creates a trickle-down effect; sparking interest from...
  2. Cherry Bomb BMW X5M on HRE P200's by Wheels Boutique

    With over 550hp on tap, a screaming Akrapovic Exhaust, the incredible stopping power of Brembo Brakes, and a gorgeous set of forged HRE P200’s this X5M is the arguably one of the hottest grocery getters out there. The beautiful carbon diffuser from Akra is just the cherry on top for an already...
  3. 2nd Gen Audi R8 V10 Plus on HRE P200's by Wheels Boutique

    Now that our own 2017 Twin-Turbo R8 is resting quietly on her 6th custom set of wheels it’s time to see what personal touches our highly valued customers put into their R8’s. This V10 Plus opted for the latest and greatest from HRE – monoblock P200’s finished in an underrated Satin Charcoal with...
  4. 991.2 Porsche Carrera on HRE's Monoblock P200 by Wheels Boutique

    With every new generation & half generation of the legendary 911 the Porsche Carrera certainly becomes more and more refined. This 991.2 is no different and it just got a whole lot better with the addition of the incredible HRE Monoblock P200’s, KW V3 Coilovers, and TechArt aero pieces. It’ll be...
  5. First Look at the ALL-NEW HRE Monoblocks – P2 Series presented by Wheels Boutique

    Asian Auto
    As HRE Performance Wheels largest dealer in the world, Wheels Boutique is proud to announce the brand new HRE P2 Series. Shown to the public for the first time this weekend at HRE Open House 2016, these forged monoblock wheels did not fail to stun everyone. Borrowing from the success of the...