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  1. Ferrari
    Such an amazing car, and the sound was insane! The event was in Pasadena. Concorso Ferrari 2014. Hope you guys enjoy! Click below to watch: Ferrari Enzo in Rosso Dino (1 of 1) - Start-up and Look Around - YouTube
  2. American Auto
    My rare coloured Sunburst Copper CTS Sport LTD (1st generation) [burnt orange]: This was a limited factory colour- as all of you probably know. The official name as dubbed by Cadillac is 'Sunburst Copper'. It was only available in 2003. A seemingly identical colour was released on the 2008 CTS...
  3. Aston Martin
    Last month a friend of mine at Aston Martin Newport said there was something I had to come and check out, when I got there they were pulling this into the showroom. The New 2014 Vanquish in factory matte orange. So I spent the next hour having my way with it so here the result...
  4. Supercars
    At the Spring Event 2013 two of the contendors where the likes of a brutal Orange Bugatti Veyron and a lovely white Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. They took each other to battle on the runaway! I guess we all know who ran away with it.. enjoy! :clap:
  5. McLaren
    Here is new "Special Project" for a customer in South Africa. This seriously good looking MP4-12C has been given some love in the form of a high gloss black main paint job coupled with the properly bright orange accents. Check more pics here
  6. Automotive
    We are very excited to present "EPIC ORANGE"!! This is Diego's VossenG37s and he wanted to do something crazy and unexpected and what better than a colorful wrap!! We called up our friend Kris at fellow L4P sponsor Superior Automotive Design who walked us through what could be done. Naturally we...
  7. McLaren
    McLaren Milan brought to Bologna's Motorshow a wonderful MP4-12C painted in McLaren Orange and fitted with the super light-weight exhaust system which gives the car an even deeper and more aggressive sound!!I recorded a (cold) start up followed by some little revs!Enjoy!
  8. BMW
    What's been done? Why Version 3.1? Finally got my Vanity plate "MR EV<3NS" Custom Carbon rocker extensions (like the ones found on Z06, Lotus etc) Vented Rear Bumper (wanted it to function but with the positioning its mainly an aesthetic thing how funny that I happened to have an orange blazer...
1-8 of 8 Results