ogara coach

  1. ANOTHER Bugatti Veyron picked up DIRECTLY for Bugatti North America!

    We got the order from Bugatti North America that there will be another Bugatti coming into the Airport shortly... Looking at the order after, we saw it was headed to O'Gara Coach Company! This is their 2nd Bugatti they are receiving from Bugatti North America this month! Of course JPL sent out...
  2. Custom Red & Black Veyron With Black Rims!

    A customized Veyron, with the stock rims painted black rather than the chrome. Personally, I like it the subtle but noticeable mods.
  3. LAST CAR TO BE DROPED OFF IN 2011 and THE FIRST CAR TO BE PICKED UP IN 2012! Blue Carbon Super Sport

    We got the call from Tim O'Hara (Bugatti Brand Manager) over at O'Gara Coach Company saying that we need a Bugatti SuperSport to be picked up and dropped off before New Years! So we sent out the Express Buggie Truck to pick up the vehicle at night! In 2012, Tim said that the car is ready to be...