1. This is Living in the Stylish New York Skyline...

    Real Estate
    If living with a 360-degree view of New York’s central park is on your bucket list, then look no further than this beautiful condo in the prestigious Pierre Hotel, where you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and then some. Despite having a mostly neutral palette featuring whites, creams...
  2. This is What $70 Million Can Get You in New York City

    Real Estate
    Ah, New York City: the hub of fashion, art and home to many of the rich and famous. Currently up for grabs is this $70 million condominium up in Walker Tower’s penthouse, which has one of the most wondrous views of the city, especially at night when the city lights dot the skyline. This...
  3. What would be a good Part-time Job dealing with High End Cars in NY

    What would be a good Part-time Job dealing with High End Cars in NY Please Let Me Know And I have Experience
  4. Miller Motorcars Mclaren 12C Spyder Unveiling

    A few random images from the Mclaren Connecticut dealership Unveiling . Thank you for looking .
  5. ///Alexandre1983 Photography///Gumball NYC

    East Coast
    Wassup Guys, A couple of cars from AfterFX Customs are in the Gumball Rally so I was able to get past the barriers and shot some of the cars Thursday night. They didn't park them in the most photogenic manner but I did my best and wanted to share it with you guys, enjoy! Full set...

    East Coast
    I'm going to be in New York/Long Island this coming August. Anyone know of any local automotive events happening in the area? Thanks!