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  1. Automotive
    Hello everyone! My name is Cade Wall and I am a salesman at Radley Acura in Falls Church Virginia. I have this beautiful yellow on black Certified Pre-Owned 2020 NSX Base available right now for purchase or lease. You can call or text me at, 678-633-2520, or shoot me an email at...
  2. Asian Auto
    Enthusiasts have been begging and waiting (somewhat) patiently for over a decade in hopes that Honda Motor Company would finally revive the legendary NSX and after a long hiatus without a halo sports car, Acura has finally answered all our prayers. From what we’ve found there are a lot of...
  3. Automotive
    On a typical FCA - South Florida fashion, a pretty Epic day, with TONS of Action @ the track and oh so many amazing cars all over the Palm Beach International Racetrack! To see all Photos (but here are some of the best!) : All Photos: FACEBOOK LINK...
  4. Asian Auto
    So I got in trouble taking these!! Seems like you are not supposed to take photos around certain airports or areas around it! Still I managed to do some! To see All photos in their full uncompressed glory Please click: Moyano Photography - © That NSX! **Please share that link and click ads...
  5. European Auto
    2012 LA AUTOSHOW presented by Al & Ed's Autosound & Forgiato Wheels showcases the best new cars from the show. We have a nice photo collection of the New Car Manufactures that brought the hottest concepts and new cars to the show. 1. Bentley stole the show with the Continental GT3 Concept Race...
  6. Asian Auto
    Great for any Seinfeld fan, just-released Superbowl commercial for the upcoming NSX. Considering Seinfeld is a famous Porsche fan, I wonder if he'll actually get one (for free I'd assume) and be seen driving it.
  7. Automotive
    Since the NSX Concept is a hot topic, Jack Darton envisioned this NSX rendering with a set of HRE 792RS. What you think? NSX Concept Rendering on HRE 792RS by HRE Wheels, on Flickr
  8. Asian Auto
    HI guys, I made a compilation of some of the cleanest NSX ever, from all around the world, some street some track, I hope you like! Took me sometime to come up with the images but I am glad I did it! Is my homage for the classic/former Japanese Supercar. Thanks! Oscar
  9. Asian Auto
    What do you think of this NSX? It has parts from 4 body kits, a custom rear flair, and Corvette mirrors. I think it's pretty sweet and like the way the styling upgrades make the car look unique and more modern.
  10. Ferrari
    What a great weekend, here are some of my photos, enjoy! My 2 loves: The end of the day: :) Oscar
  11. Asian Auto
    I'm so happy that I can finally release this set after shooting it about a year ago during NSXPO. And what better way to do so than with a 6 page feature in HondaTuning :) Enjoy the pictures! -shirakiphoto 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Let me know what you guys think and...
  12. Asian Auto
    So i have posted a few times about want I want to get for my first sports car purchase and toyed with the idea of a daily driver cause i live in the snowbelt. but considering that I currently have a decent enough daily in the chevy that I drive and after much research of different vehicles. My...
    Check out the load 2010 Range to Atlanta for Justin Bieber 2010 Ferrari California for a VIP Customer Lafayette, LA 2010 Maserati GT For a VIP Customer Lafayette, LA 2010 Ferrari 599GTB for a VIP Customer New Orleans, LA 2000 NSX to Florida 2010 BLACK/RED CALIFORNIA 2010 MASERATI GT...
  14. Automotive
    I think the NSX should have its own section on the Main page. Or at least its own sub topic. Who agrees? nsx prime gets 16,000 hits a day according to cubix and I think it would bring good traffic to L4P and L4P is a much better environment.
  15. Asian Auto
    On Saturday a customer walked in to the Al and Ed's Autosound in West LA with a request for Brembo Brakes Front and Read. Normally not a problem if we have 2-4 weeks lead time to have custom rims made. Nope my dead line was Friday 11am so the car can be shipped to China before Chinese New Year...
  16. Asian Auto
    We just finished this one up as well. 1994 Acura NSX. This was a great upgrade to the car. Wheels look incredible on a very very clean NSX. Wheels: HRE 591R Silver Center Polished Lip 18x8 19x10.5 Tires: Toyo T1R 225/35/18 315/35/19 Custom WB offsets!
1-16 of 16 Results