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  1. Audi
    Audis are our bread and butter here at NorthWest Auto Salon. I cant remember a day that has gone by without at least one Audi coming though our doors. From R8s to A4s, we get them all. Our friend Josh was in the market for a new family hauler and was quickly able to find something right up his...
  2. Lamborghini
    New doors in..WOW on to signs, floors, FULL bar, flat screens, kitchen....going to be the best Showroom in the NW when I get it done...AND NWAS will be right next door to keep everything spotless and tip top shape.
  3. Northwest
    One of these days Seattle has to calm down right? I mean every time I am out here theres some ridiculous stuff going on. Whether its Shooting guns that look like they are from cartoons, blasting though tunnels in straight piped Carrera GTs, or schmobbing down abandoned roads in 600whp S4s, there...
  4. Automotive
    What's up guys? Pull up a comfy chair and enjoy oogling some of today's most sexy and stunning garages. No, not a single one of these are mine! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the photos! AND PLEASE ADD MORE GARAGE PICTURES THAT YOU HAVE GATHERED OR SNAPPED!!! Thanks!
  5. Northwest
    Roy called us and asked us to freshen up his Fly Yellow Diablo VT so that his customer would get to appreciate the full brilliance of the car's paint. We spent about 3 days bringing this car back and we were delighted with the results. It's always a pleasure to have Roy's cars in our shop and...
1-5 of 6 Results