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  1. Photography
    Hello, my name is Bret Lorimore. I am a college student and photographer looking to get some exposure in the automotive world. Hope you enjoy my photos! Stay tuned, I will be posting more in the coming weeks.
  2. Lamborghini
    A good friend of mine just picked up a Grigio Antares LP700-4 and asked if I wanted to stop by to take some shots of her out in the sun. Nothing special, just a half an hour or so with the car. Direct Florida sunlight is a pain, but the car is just gorgeous. I decided to go for a desaturated...
  3. Southeast
    The New Year approached very quickly having a newborn and I haven't had the time to set up a shoot to end 2012, but I'd love to open up 2013 just as I did this past year. If anyone in the Sarasota/Tampa/Naples area would like some complimentary photos to kick off a brand new 365 days please let...
  4. Photography
    Just recently started getting into photography, bought a Nikon D60 about a couple months ago and started shooting, so I am by no means a professional yet but I am learning as I go along, so I thought I would share some of my work on here so you guys can see my photos as I progress and get better...
  5. Photography
    This past Monday we had a wild system roll through Little Rock. My friend and fellow chaser Thomas, and I managed to catch some awesome photos and video of the storm system. You can see my pictures from the chase here: 8-8-11 Weather - a set on Flickr
  6. Photography
    Hi everyone, I thought I should post my photos here as well since I love what everyone else here does with their cameras! I'm open to tips and trix for what I could have done better, both shooting and post production. That's because I need to expand my thoughts when shooting and editing :) I'm...
  7. Miscellaneous goods
    i have a Nikon D40x Body 10.2 MPX, in great shape! it comes with the body cap, Battery charger, and 2 battery's. i will do $290 Shipped priority mail. here are some pictures of it, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  8. Photography
    I am selling a Nikon D40 kit, with the 18-55 lens and 55-200 VR lens. This is a great kit for beginners. I am switching to Canon, and don't need it anymore. The 55-200 has been barely used and the d40 is in great condition, with only the rubber eyepiece cap missing. I cant post photos now, but...
  9. Photography
    i bought this about a couple months ago because my D60 did not come with a battery charger, just the battery. What it Includes_______________ -Wall Battery Charger Unit -Car Charger Port -Extra Battery (YES EXTRA BATTERY!!!!!!!!) -Only $10 -WILL CHARGE YOUR STOCK NIKON BATTERY...
  10. Photography
    What are some of your favorite accessories that you bought for you D-SLR?
  11. Photography
    looking to have a different variety of lenses other than stock, but i dont want to break the bank...
  12. Photography
    I'm now shooting with a D3s:bitenails:, probably got the first in LR. And, I'm enjoying it. A few drawbacks would be no built in flash trigger like for the sb series (su-800 would be on order) - as well as no remote trigger for long exposure shots (so a tethered cord is a requirement, unless you...
1-13 of 13 Results