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  1. Supercars
    This video features the Bmw M2 with M Performance parts. During a supercar event in the Netherlands this great new bmw m2 shows what he got. Listen to the amazing exhaust sound and watch the brutal accelerations from the car.
  2. Ferrari
    Spotted and filmed a brand new 1 of 1 Ferrari LaFerrari including it's Interior, Exterior, and it Driving away onto PCH here in Southern California! How do you like the paint job?
  3. BMW
    Hey all, spotted the F80 M3 in Yas Marina Blue today. What an amazing color and car. Got word that it was near by so took my DSLR and headed out. Here are a few sample pics and the video. Check out the full gallery here:
  4. West
    Captured video of the Porsche 918 Spyder which showed up to Cars and Coffee Irvine yesterday!
  5. Marketplace
    Hey Everyone, I am selling a full set of (BRAND NEW) never installed Bilstine PSS10 coilovers with PASM for ($3,800) Bought them for one of my old cars and ended up selling the car before ever installing these beauties. Please let know if you are interested, they are available to ship right...
  6. Detailing
    In the past years, i've been pretty satisfied with my wash/dry , throw on some mothers wax by hand, take it off then use some sort of spray wax... Now not being so naive, and seeing other peoples people, i'm determined to learn and try new things, after doing some research theres even more steps...
  7. Supercars
    During my stay in Marbella for the summer I came across an advertisement of a new Spanish supercar called the Tauro V8 Spider. I had never heard of this car, so I contacted the dealer if I could drop by to obtain more information about this car. This was ok and I was allowed to make a video of...
  8. Mid West
    Hello Luxury4Play, this is my first post! I'm a foreign student in Michigan and I'm thinking of buying a car in America for the first time. I was thinking about something that is fun but also practical. Given that it snows a lot, I was thinking an SUV would be best (maybe a BMW X6 or G...
  9. Motorcycle
    I was in need of new rubber on my B-King and happened to Google the Dunlop Q2 price to ensure the local dealer was playing straight. It turns out Dunlop released an all new Q series, the Q3 in late May/early June, and the price is the same as its predecessor. So I got them instead of the Q2s &...
  10. East Coast
    Hey everyone! My name is Chris M. I have been checking out L4P for a few years now but never joined. So I pulled the trigger last night and joined. I love this site, it is very informative and entertaining. Anyways... I live in Charlotte, NC. Im 24 years old and work full-time at MDUSA. I am...
  11. Audi
    I currently drive a Mercedes E350 I bought over the summer. Financially, things have been going way better than I expected, so I'm thinking about buying a different car next summer. I don't quite have the money to buy a new car, yet I want something comfortable and sporty. My budget is about...
1-11 of 12 Results