1. Straps, priced to sell.

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    hey guys and gals, just unloading some extra straps i have laying around. CTDesigns HP strap in black 1 used for $45 shipped 2 new for $65 shipped (each) Grey Nato strap 2 new for $20 shipped (each) any questions please feel free to ask. paypal: [email protected]
  2. Anyone have experience with DLC or PVD coated Rolexes?

    Like the title suggests, does anyone own, have sold, worn, etc... a DLC or PVD coated Rolex? I want an black explorer with red numerals, and nato strap. Anybody? Pricing? Recommended retailer? I have never seen one in person... - Mike
  3. Leather NATO - Blue

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    something i thought interesting, but never gets any wrist time, L4P price of $25 paypal'd and shipped 24mm Blue Leather G10 Nato strap w/ polished buckles and loops thanx!