1. 5 Sets of Premium Aftermarket Wheels for Lamborghini In Stock

    Hello everyone! As some of you may already know, here at Wheels Boutique we are ADV.1 & HRE's largest dealer of Performance Wheels on the planet. We are fortunate enough to see premium wheelsets come in and out of the shop on a daily basis. This allows us to get our hands on some beautiful sets...
  2. VIDEO: Supercars in Monaco (Part 2) - Cayenne DARTZ, F12 Berlinetta, MP4-12C and More!! (1080p HD)

    It's here! Part 2 of the 'Supercars in Monaco' videos we are going to upload this upcoming weeks! This part includes a gorgeous looking MP4-12C, some F12 Berlinetta's, a very rare Porsche Cayenne DARTS Limited Edition and so much more!
  3. VIDEO: Supercars in Monaco (Part 1) - Ford GTX1, MP4-12C, Aventador and More!! (1080p HD)

    It's finally here! Part 1 of the 'Supercars in Monaco' videos we are going to upload this upcoming weeks! This part includes an extremely rare Ford GTX1, a stunning red McLaren MP4-12C, a black-on-black Lamborghini Aventador and so much more! Last summer we were able to film quite a lot of...

    We currently have 2 Mclaren MP4-12C's at the shop getting custom front bumpers made by SP Engineering/Revozport that will enchance the way the MP4 will look. The front bumper is a clone of the HS style bumper which looks fantastic. 7318 W SUNSET Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 323-876-1033|...
  5. Aventador + McLaren Mp4-12C Photos!

    European Auto
    I got to shoot these two awesome cars last weekend. I thought the people of L4P might enjoy the photos! Special thanks to Scottsdale Luxury Motors, check out their FB page! And mine while your at it. Thanks for looking!
  6. McLaren MP4-12C ....A light paint photoshoot

    I got the chance to shoot this McLaren after a track day at willow springs raceway. Since it was almost dark once the track day stopped I decided to light paint the car. What do you guys think? Mclaren_shoot_WSIR-3130 by NicoJarrettPhotography, on Flickr Mclaren_shoot_WSIR-3134-5 by...
  7. Black and Orange MP4-12C Special Project Sandton McLaren

    Here is new "Special Project" for a customer in South Africa. This seriously good looking MP4-12C has been given some love in the form of a high gloss black main paint job coupled with the properly bright orange accents. Check more pics here
  8. Video: McLaren MP4-12C acceleration in Abu Dhabi!

    While I was on holiday in Abu Dhabi I came across lots of lovely cars, including this great looking Mclaren MP4-12C! Enjoy. ;)
  9. FLAME THROWER! McLaren MP4-12C Racing!

    Few days ago I went to a track evening and was lucky enough to see this MP4-12C there. What made it even better was the constant flames that it was shooting! Enjoy!
  10. MP4-12C Spider: Full Overview!!

    I had the opportunity to fully enjoy (and film) the all new McLaren MP4-12C Spider even before the European Preview: I can say that it is by far the best supercar Spider of the moment! The car I filmed featured a gret color scheme: White Pearl for the exterior, Harissa Red interior with full...
  11. New 2013 MP4-12C Spider in Vienna today

    Look what I saw today :)
  12. SP Engineering Orange McLaren MP4-12C with iForged Concave Wheels

    Full photoshoot coming soon. Here are some teaser pics of SP Engineering owner Alex Shen's Orange McLaren MP4-12C with iForged Concave Fusion wheels. McLaren MP4-12C iForged Fusion Textured Black Center Charcoal Brushed Tinted Lip 19x8.5 Front 20x11 Rear
  13. MP4-12C with Sport Exhaust LOUD Start up and Revs!

    Saw my first MP4-12C last week...relatively impressed with the looks, but not as much as the sound with the sport exhaust! It sounds so good. All comments welcome!
  14. As White As An Angel: The All-New McLaren MP4-12C photoshoot by Dirk A.

    Photos & Content Courtesy of: Dirk A Photography™ To see more of Dirk's photos and write-ups check out
  15. ***Video: McLaren MP4-12C under the Christmas Lights

    I think this black McLaren MP4-12C looks amazing under the Christmas lights. It was drawing people like moths to a porch light! I am a bit disappointed by the condensation on the inside of the headlights of such a new car (wouldn't think this should be occuring) but other than that, this whip...
  16. The First McLaren MP4-12C On The Roads Of Beverly Hills by Dirk A.

    And this is why I love Cali. Latest shots from Dirk, enjoy! Photos & Content Courtesy of: Dirk A Photography™ To see more of Dirk's photos and write-ups check out
  17. McLaren MP4-12C Test Drive with McLaren of Newport Beach

    Today McLaren of Newport Beach was gracious enough to let me come down and test drive one of their two McLaren MP4-12Cs that they are now proud owners of. They have decided to purchase and keep both cars for the dealership! Currently the McLaren Dealership is under construction. The new...
  18. McLaren MP4-12C Presentation in München

    Yesterday was the official presentation of the new star on automotiv heaven, the McLaren MP4-12C in Munich for the south german area. The known datas: V8-Biturbo with 3.8 liters 600 PS / 600 Nm Top Speed 300 km/h 0-100 km/h 3.3 seconds (3.1 with aditional sport tyres) 0-200 km/h 9.1 seconds...
  19. Al Ghassan Motors and McLaren launches the MP4-12C in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    European Auto
    On the 18th of December 2010, McLaren and Al-Ghassan Motors launched the new sport (MP4-12C) in the presence of Dr. Ghassan Al-Sulaiman owner of the Al-Ghassan Motors and the presence of crew McLaren from the United Kingdom on Saturday 18 of December 2010. Dr. Ghassan Al-Suleiman made his...
  20. Check out this Article on the Toronto debut of the McLaren MP4-12C

    McLaren MP4-12C Exposed My good friend had the opportunity to go to the unveiling of the McLaren MP4-12C in Toronto last week and got to sit down with the heads of Sales and Marketing for a few questions. I have personally struggled with the looks of the car, however he did make a great point...