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  1. Automotive
    Hey everyone! this is my newest movie im producing. It is a massive undertaking and will take months to shoot and edit. it will be about 30 min long when done. this is the Teaser Trailer and we may release some more trailers in the future. please check it out and all feedback is welcome...
  2. Photography
    Cool theme by Nick Rudnicki. Wheres my money?!
  3. Arts and Entertainment
    A member on here posted a link to the trailer\teaser a while back. He was doing some of the CGI I believe. Anyone remember him? Just want to say congrats,the movie looks amazing! I'm eager to see it when it comes out.
  4. Arts and Entertainment
    Anyone Remember This Spike Lee Joint?
  5. Arts and Entertainment
    Sorry if this is a repost - I did a search, but didn't see any threads.. Dead Presidents: This film truly is epic. Anyone who hasn't seen it should drop whatever they are doing and check it out. Classic. Watch Free On VeeHD!
1-5 of 6 Results