1. Lewis Hamilton Just Did THIS And Almost Got Arrested in New Zealand

    Photo: [ ] People just can’t seem to learn. As if pulling your cell phone whilst driving a car to check a text or phone call isn’t dangerous enough, Formula One World champion Lewis Hamilton took it one step further and posted a Snapchat whilst driving a motorcycle.  Some celebrities get...
  2. Minnesota riders?

    Any rider here from/in Minnesota? Looking for some ppl to ride with. I currently own a Kawi zx6r. Message me if interested.
  3. New Dunlop Q3 tyres available and they are awesome

    I was in need of new rubber on my B-King and happened to Google the Dunlop Q2 price to ensure the local dealer was playing straight. It turns out Dunlop released an all new Q series, the Q3 in late May/early June, and the price is the same as its predecessor. So I got them instead of the Q2s &...
  4. Took a trip to northern Maine, last minute decision to bring the dogs!

    Photo Album - Imgur 2011 cbr600rr + 2011 yamaha fz8
  5. The Trainwreck Bike [WorkofArt]

    I came across images of one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen. A Beautifully Crafted Old School Steam Punked Style Muscle MotorCycle. Also known as "The TrainWreck Bike" Designed by Colby Higgins, It's Design purpose was to bring back the Visible Raw Industrialized Mechanics that were...
  6. New bike ideas

    I'm a student looking for a new motorcycle to zip around town in, nothing crazy, and looking for any advice/suggestions anyone has. My mind is open as far as ideas go. I'm currently a poor college student and have around 1500 total to play with but would be willing to chip in bit more if it was...
  7. Possible Bike Meet in SoCal?

    After seeing some people on here say that a bike meet sounded good, I decided to gauge the interest. With that being said, who would be interested in an L4P Bike meet??? Everyone is of course more than welcome to come but I wanted to emphasize on bikes. :D Meeting place would depend, San Diego...
  8. Check out this video i took!

    Hey guys! I took this video in Iran. Its pretty "interesting" if ya know what i mean. Check out my Youtube Channel!! Hope you enjoy! Insane Motorcycle Wheelies and Stunts - YouTube