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  1. Supercars
    Was lucky enough to run into Jay Leno getting ready to film another video for his Lay Leno's Garage show of the Alfa Romeo 4C on 17 Mile Drive in Monterey, California. Got this behind the scenes footage with Lay getting into the 4C, revving, and driving! Very cool guy and was glad to meet him...
  2. Ferrari
    What an amazing car! I was very happy that I got to see this car in person last weekend at Pebble Beach so I thought I'd share my photos with you. Here's a link to the rest of my Pebble Beach photos if you're interested! Otis Blank » Monterey 2012: Part 2 – Pebble Beach Concours...
  3. Automotive
    Hey everyone, I made it out to Monterey again this year for Car Week. I just wrapped up my photos from the RMMR and I thought you might enjoy them! Here's a sampling: The rest are here! Otis Blank » Monterey 2012: Part 1 – Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Thanks!
  4. West
    Car Week is finally here, so I thought I'd get things rolling with a photo thread. I'll be down there all week, and you can view my shots at my website link below. I was in Carmel briefly yesterday, and caught an FF with Cayman Island plates "GIDDYUP".
  5. West
    I've posted the first set of my photos from Sunday at Laguna Seca. I have many more to come. It was a great event with a pretty good turnout! Ferrari Racing Days - a set on Flickr
  6. Supercars
    JP Logistics got the call from Bugatti North America and demanded that they want the Single Car Lift Gate for this beauty and they got what they asked for. :thumbup: We picked it up from Bugatti Head Quarters and were transporting it all around Monterey & Pebble Beach throughout the weekend...
  7. American Auto
    Cadillac is coming out strong @ Monterey with the debut of what could possibly be the sexiest convertible ever designed. The Cadillac Ciel. A four door convertible concept, it is a pillarless design that, frankly, Lincoln should have come up with long ago. The thing is pure sex. Cadillac...
  8. West
    I was just watching videos of last years events, and I was wondering about how expensive is it to go? Who do they give press passes to? I'm coming from AZ and well so that makes it a lot more expensive probably. Nice video DLM :clap: Luke.
1-8 of 8 Results