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  1. Miscellaneous goods
    SOLD -- Real Carbon Fiber and Leather Money Clip Wallet from Carbon Fiber Gear -- NEW New never used (or removed from packaging) carbon fiber and leather money clip wallet. Purchased from Carbon Fiber Gear a few weeks ago and when wife saw it she was hurt that I would no longer be using the...
  2. Jewelry
    Whats up L4P! After the demand of carbon fiber iPhone cases, we now have full CF cases which are extremely slim and lightweight. Every enthusiast should have one ;) Full CF cases available in Matte or Gloss The full CF cases feel like they are part of the phone with their slim/lightweight...
    S2N | SETGO GEAR | Freeway This unique wallet features a removable brushed steel money clip and a specially designed front pocket. - 100% smooth grain leather - Straight edge stitching with high durability FRONT: - Specially designed credit card slide out pocket - Strap for quickly storing...
1-3 of 3 Results